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I fell into landscape photography a little bit by accident.  


I've always been arty - drew a lot at school, was pretty decent at Art (before

I dropped it for Physical Ed!)  and have tried my hand at musical instruments,

(bagpipes - pass, electric guitar - massive fail!), and when i bought my first

digital camera in 2003 it all just started to come together and as time has gone

on, my equipment and skills have progressed to where they are now.


Using the age old 'trial and error' technique, combined with some books, the

internet and a dvd now and then, I taught myself, no workshops or classes

for me.  Once I learned the mechanics of picture, then it was down to developing

the techniques I needed to get the style of pictures that I want, and that I like.  

I primarily shoot what I like, if other folk like it too, then that's great.


I do use photoshop, but not in the way that people think of 'photoshopping',  

I don't add 'better' skies, or remove annoying trees for example.  I shoot in

RAW, which is like a digital negative and I process that to get the very most

I can from the shot.  In the interests of open-ness though, I have been known

to clone out a crisp packet that I missed at the time, or an annoying walker!


I hope you enjoy the gallery.  







RainMaker Photography - In case you were wondering...  I'm a Transformers Geek, and the Rainmakers are a reference to characters that appeared in one cartoon for about 25 seconds in the 1980s, I identify with the name because when I try to get out photographing when I'm off work, you guessed it, it normally rains!