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This used to be a section of the website with a bit about the gear I use.  I honestly don't think that the gear is the most important part of photography so I have decided to change it.  (Although I know some people have gear acquisition syndrome (GAS), I'm not one of them.)


My photos are taken in my head a long time ahead of when they are in the camera.  I have ideas about where I want to shoot, and study the area on the computer and with maps.  I check the sun direction and times, and when the tide is in or out - I prefer it coming in!


I'll sometimes take a drive of several hours in the dark and then climb a hill to get what I want, and other times I'll make a multi-day excursion out of it.  When I get to where I'm going, I usually manage to find the shot I want pretty quickly, and then I wait.


Once the shot is done, and the drive home is over, I'll usually fall asleep on the couch and leave the processing until the next day or so.


I start off by having a quick look through the in-camera jpegs, and then import everything into Lightroom.  I'll choose one or two shots, and edit them both in Lightroom and tidy them up in Photoshop.  I'll then usually get one keeper.  Sometimes if I'm lucky I get a few, but usually just one.


Occasionally however, I'll just get the mood to be creative and go somewhere unplanned at short notice, and just see what happens!


Loch Tulla, 2012


Ben A'An, 2013

The Process

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